On January 1, 2021 I experienced my first hypnosis session with Kristine Schumann.

My concern is the extra weight I have gained since I quit smoking three years ago. Knowing that weight loss has to do with calorie consumption and usage. I decided to approach my problem from both directions. Kristine used the hypnotic suggestions of avoidance and motivation. At all times I felt safe, relaxed and in control of my actions.

The avoidance hypnotic suggestion has held but I will need more help from Kristine on the motivation part. I will utilize Kristine Schumann’s hypnotic skills again, it was a very pleasant and beneficial experience.

-Deborah M.

Therapeutic massage is an integral part of my wellness regimen and I have been working with Kristy for several years. Having a chronic pain syndrome can be difficult to manage, but with Kristy’s skills and dedication, I have been able to function at a much high level than I would be able to without her help. She is dedicated to her clients and works hard at discovering the best combination of massage techniques to provide optimal results. Kristy took the initiative to research my condition and even earned Continuing Education credits, in order to develop a treatment plan that would provide me with enhanced health and greater functionality.

-Anne G.

I recently had my very first colon hydrotherapy treatment by Amanda. I was a little nervous at first, but she made me feel very comfortable and was very professional! She really took the time to look over the form I filled out and asked multiple follow up questions. Afterwards, I instantly felt a sense of relief. She also gave me some great tips to reduce bloating and improve my gut health. I will absolutely be back. I would highly recommend Amanda for any of your gut needs!!

Sarah M.

I had a facial from Amanda about a month ago and I’ve seen amazing results! My skin has cleared up and feels softer and more hydrated then ever. I will absolutely go back!

Emily W.

I reached out to Kristine Schumann after my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer to help me quit smoking. I have a friend who was able to quit smoking via hypnosis and had thought about it but was skeptical. Kristine was extremely professional, informative, kind and supportive. Several hours after our session I attempted to have a cigarette. To my amazement, the hypnosis worked! That was 3 months ago. My mom passed on Christmas day. I wish Kristine could have helped her quit smoking 40 years ago.

-Jennifer H.

I could rave on and on about Amanda and Solstice Collective but I’ll keep it short! The atmosphere makes you feel so comfortable, everything is so wonderfully set up and clean, and the staff is fantastic! Amanda in particular is such a beautiful soul and really enhances the entire experience. She is so knowledgeable and kind. I have not had a single experience where I left disappointed. I felt like I could connect with her since day 1 in all levels of life both personally and professionally, and I leave each time feeling like a whole new person. 11/10 recommend honestly!

-Milica S.

I have been going to Amanda for over a year now and she is AMAZING! I had cystic acne and couldn’t get it under control. A dermatologist told me that I need to go on Acutane and I didn’t want to. Then I found Amanda and my face has never been more clear than it is now. I HIGHLY recommend her and Solstice collective!

-Melissa G.

I love this place. They are very knowledgeable and so helpful with all your questions. Would recommend this place to all my friends.

-Katelynn M.

The place was amazing!! I loved my visit and my facial was so relaxing. I love how they use all natural products. I would absolutely recommend this place!

-Charlie C.

My experience at Solstice was amazing! Amanda really helped me feel better in my own skin. I got a facial and she helped a lot with how dry my winter skin has been!

-Sarah E.

After the dermaplaning Amanda performed on me my skin felt amazing. I am in my 60’s and it’s been a long time that my skin has felt this soft. Amanda made me feel comfortable and walked me through the entire process. She even helped me pick out product that is perfect for my skin

-Karen B.

PREFACE—As a newbie to skincare, I was very intimidated by all the facial options that are out there, since I’m still figuring out what my skin needs. When I learned that Amanda offers an option that begins with a consultation that would help her tailor the facial to my needs, I was so excited to schedule an appointment.

REVIEW—I have to say, my experience exceeded expectations and then some! After a few long and stressful weeks, a relaxing facial that left me feeling refreshed and confident was exactly what I needed.

Amanda was amazing! She took the time to learn about my skin, which products it does and does not do well with, and what problem areas needed to be addressed. We also walked through a *realistic* daily routine that works with my schedule and gives my skin what it needs to be healthy. She explained each step, what the products and/or treatments were targeting, and why my skin needed them. During the wait time that some of the products required, she offered a neck and shoulder massage, which was an amazing touch!

CONCLUSION—I wish I could give Solstice Collective more than 5 stars. I highly recommend! Especially the facial services by Amanda! I had such an amazing experience I scheduled my second facial before I even left the office from my first one.

-Ashley SL