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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is the detoxification of the colon and large intestines with the use of water, rehydrates and exercises the colon. Colon hydrotherapy procedures have been around since ancient Egyptians and Greeks. In fact, the procedure was very popular up until the 1930’s in the US. This changed when doctors started prescribing cheaper/quicker methods, for example laxatives, which can have negative side effects on the body. However, colon hydrotherapy has shown many benefits as it starts to grow back in popularity. Regular treatment alleviates headaches, weight gain, low vitality, low energy, promotes positive bowel movements, improves a person’s mental outlook, improves their immune system, and offers many more benefits.


Initial $100
Return $85
New Client Package of 3 Sessions $250
Return Client Package of 3 Sessions $235
Massage Therapy at Solstice Collective in Delafield

Massage Therapy with Kristine

Massage therapy with a therapeutic and lymphatic massage therapist. Customized swedish techniques include: light to deep touch, stretching, hot stone, trigger point release, contractual release, myofascial release, and adhesion release of scar tissue and active muscles. This will allow the client to reduce their stress levels while also stimulating the lymphatic system. This also includes benefits such as muscle relaxation, joint mobility, skin improvements, improved circulation, and many more!


Focus 30 minute $50
Relaxation 60 minute $70
Relaxation 90 minute $110
Relaxation 120 minute $160
Deep Tissue 60 minute $95
Deep Tissue 90 minute $135
Deep Tissue 120 minute $200
Therapeutic 60 minute $110
Therapeutic 90 minute $150
Therapeutic 120 minute $225
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Skin Care Treatments

Skin Care Treatments that will rejuvenate and improve our body’s largest organ, the skin! These services include:


Our facials are designed for all skin types using CLEAN products, leaving your skin softer, smoother, younger, and cleaner. Facials aid in blood circulation, hydration, collagen stimulation and lymphatic drainage. Your skin will have a noticeable glow!

We offer a basic Relaxation and Hydration Facial for regular maintenance or upgrade for our signature RHEA Facial Treatment.

The RHEA is a 90 minute all inclusive facial. This is a tailored treatment designed for your skin’s specific needs. This may include any of the following treatments; dermaplane, chemical peel, enzyme, light therapy, Gua Sha, extractions, deep hydration, deep cleansing and more. Your goal may be to have clear skin, focus on anti-aging, lightning scarring, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, stimulating collagen production, etc…

Let your skincare professional assist you on your journey to amplify your natural beauty. In-depth consultation will be provided to match what is best for your skincare goals. Before you leave, recommendations will be made for an at-home routine that will best fit your lifestyle and goals.


Relaxation/Hydration Facial- 60 minutes $80
Relaxation/Hydration Facial- 75 minutes $100
RHEA Facial Treatment- 90 minutes $125

Facial Treatment Add-ons.

These services are all offered as an ADD-ON to any booked facial treatment. Each treatment or mask is an additional $10 per service. Please take into account that each add-on service is another 15 minutes added to your facial treatment.

Five different offerings are available including:

Foot Detox Mask– This treatment can benefit anyone (excluding women who are pregnant or nursing). This is an effective gentle detox service that will gently assist in the pulling of toxins and assist in foot odor. This treatment also softens dry and cracking skin.

Underarm Detox Mask– This treatment can benefit anyone (excluding women who are pregnant or nursing). This will assist in the removal of toxins that can build up over time in your pores in the underarm. This detox is helpful whether you are focused on rejuvenation or concerned with body odor. This is also a great detox for those switching to natural deodorant.

Scalp Treatment– This includes a scalp massage with oils designed to calm and hydrate the scalp, as well as stimulate hair growth. Please keep in mind this is a leave-in treatment that you will wash out at home after a couple of hours.

Foot Treatment– This includes manual exfoliation with a sea scrub designed to help soften calluses and a foot massage with a softening foot cream and balm.

Hand Treatment– This includes manual and/or chemical exfoliation, ultra hydrating mask, and hand massage with rejuvenating hand cream.

Facial Waxing.

Facial waxing removes unwanted hair on the face. Over time of using this treatment, it slows the rate of hair growth, providing smooth beautiful skin. This is also beneficial in creating perfectly shaped eyebrows.


Lip, Chin or Brow Wax $15
Cheek Wax $20
Full Face Wax $50

Eyebrow Tinting.

Eyebrow tinting offers you the eyebrows you want. It will create the hairs of your eyebrow darker, eliminating the drawn-on look and saving you time in your makeup routine. We use a non-toxic brow tint with various shades.

These services will support and promote your skin’s natural beauty and assist with the rebuilding of your skin’s elasticity. Solstice Collective will only use organic, vegan, natural/nontoxic, and holistic skincare products.


Brow Tint $25
Massage Therapy at Solstice Collective in Delafield

Massage Therapy with Jamie


Sometimes our quality of life can be hindered by emotional or physical stress. Massage can offer your body relief and your mind a chance to unwind, helping you lead a happier life.


Massage helps relax muscle tissue and improve circulation throughout your body. This means that adding massage to your routine can improve energy, range of motion and physical relaxation along with helping release nerve compression.

Book all appointments at http://www.herenowmassage.com


The Renewal Massage- 75 minutes $95
The Renewal Massage- 90 minutes $110
The Renewal Massage- 2 hours $150
Stone Massage- 90 minutes $120
Table Thai Massage- 90 minutes $110
Cupping Massage- 75 minutes $95
Aromatherapy Massage- 75 minutes $95
Medicinal Herbs at Solstice Collective in WI

Nutrition Consultation

One on one consultations to get to the root of your concern and to figure out the best approach to reach your nutritional and lifestyle goals! You will start out with an initial consultation to evaluate and gather information on new patients. Then, continue with regular appointments to keep updated and stay on track with your plan!
Book all appointments at: http://www.aleciaguttillanutrition.com


Initial Consultation- 2 hours  $120
Follow up Consultation- 45 minutes  $65
1 Month Unlimited Consultations  $225
3 Months Unlimited Consultations  $650
6 Months Unlimited Consultations  $1300
Naturopathy Foods on a Table - Solstice Collective in Delafield, WI

Personal Shopping

Do you ever go to the grocery store and not know what brands, ingredients, or healthful foods to get? This service is extremely helpful for those who are going through nutritional counseling and are adapting to a new diet with foods they may not be familiar with or know what to look for when shopping. I will work with your budget whatever it may be at that time to keep your fridge and pantry fully stocked with foods that are either recommended in your

meals plans or foods that you want to start eating on daily basis on your own! This service is also great for those of you who just hate to grocery shop…No worries, it’s what I am here for 🙂

Book all appointments at: http://www.aleciaguttillanutrition.com


$20 per Hour Plus a Delivery Fee*  *Prices may vary Depending on Location and Driving Distance
Medical Mortart & Pestle - Solstice Collective WI

Personal Chef

This service is perfect for those of you who are working with me to come up with the best meal plan tailored to your specific needs! This is also a great option if you do not enjoy cooking, but want to stay on track with your meal plan or just healthy eating in general. Whether you love to cook or not, I can help you create delicious and innovative meals for your whole week to have ready whenever you’re hungry!

How does it work?

1. I will meet with you either in person or via phone to discuss food allergies, preferences, favorite meals, disliked meals, and any other ideas you might have that you would like to see on your plate.

2. I will come to your home with all the necessary groceries to make the previously agreed upon meals for that week. I will meal prep however many meals you decide on (look at packages) and have them fully prepared and ready to enjoy.

3. Finished meals can be kept in the fridge or freezer for you to heat up and enjoy whenever you wish!

If you have a meal plan from me, I will work with that and fully accommodate you to your specific needs 🙂

Book all appointments at: http://www.aleciaguttillanutrition.com


$40 per Hour, Plus $20 for Shopping  (All Prices do not include Grocery Items)
2 Hours of Cooking  $95
4 Hours of Cooking  $175
Women under Hypnosis - Solstice Collective in WI


 What is Hypnosis?

First, we would like to emphasize, the client is always in control and chooses what does and does not work.  To define hypnosis is a bit of a feat. There are many versions of what truly defines hypnosis. Hypnosis is a state or condition in which the client becomes highly responsive to suggestions. The hypnotized client follows instructions without critical restriction and pays attention specifically to the items within the immediate environment made relevant by the hypnotist. If the client is profoundly responsive, they will hear, see, feel, smell, and taste in accordance with the suggestions given, even though these may be in direct contradiction to the actual stimuli that impinge upon the client. Furthermore, the client may request certain memories and their self-awareness to be altered by suggestions. The impact of hypnosis may be continued through daily post hypnotic reinforcements and self-hypnosis. It is as if the suggestions given during hypnosis come to define the individual’s perception of the real world. 

What to expect in the first session. 

The client will be given paperwork to be completed upon arrival. The client can expect a question and answer session regarding what hypnosis is and how it can be impactful. The first session also includes a short interview about what the client is hoping to achieve in the session and to determine whether any additional sessions would be likely. There will be a short introduction to hypnosis to assist the client to become comfortable. Have the client produce a mantra/suggestion in their own words. The hypnotist with provide another relaxation hypnosis and integrate the mantra/suggestion into the relaxation script. The client will be asked some questions regarding their experience and any questions the client has will be answered by the hypnotist. The client will then go into hypnosis again, but for the reason they have come in. Once the hypnosis session is over, the hypnotist will do a final interview with the client and ensure they feel fine and answer any lingering questions. If another session is needed, the client will be instructed to schedule the next session with reception. 


Initial 120 minute $200
Return 90 minute $150
Smoking Package $645
Weight Loss Package $875


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Energy”. It is a nonintrusive method of hands-on healing that taps into the energy referred to by philosophers and martial artists as “Ki”, (in Japan), as “Chi” (in China), and “Prana” (in India). The practice of Reiki is based on the teachings of Mikao Usui, a Japanese man who taught and practiced Reiki in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The benefits of Reiki differs for each individual. Some people have experienced a sense of calm, relaxation, stress reduction, feeling weightless, tingling, hyper-focused, decrease in drug side effects, decrease in anxiety, improvement in sleep, removal of blocks to healing, rise in energy level, temporary decrease in discomforts or symptoms of colds and cramps and it can boost your immune system, reiki complements other healing techniques as well as speed up physiological healing.

What can I expect during a Reiki session?

Every practitioner practices Reiki in their own personal way. I encourage people to expect a short interview with me, lasting a few minutes. I customize each session to accommodate what you need. Also, you will be lying on a heated/non-heated massage table, completely clothed. Little or no pressure will be applied and no oils will be used with Reiki. I simply place my hands lightly on or above your head, shoulders, back, stomach and limbs. Reiki flows through me and you will receive the energy you need at that moment. Everyone experiences Reiki differently in each session. Many have said they have experienced positive lingering effects after the session. Keep in mind, Reiki is not a magic wand. Reiki is energy healing.

*Scientific research has validated Reiki’s ability to relieve pain and speed healing.*

*Reiki is not used as a substitute for medical treatment. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose or suggest treatment. You should continue to see your medical caregiver.*


1 Hour Session $75
90 Minute Session $115
Feet in Shadow - Solstice Collective in WI


Thermography with a certified digital infrared thermal imaging specialist. This is a preventative method for detection for diseases (specifically fibrocystic and vascular), precancerous and cancerous conditions, and infection. This helps our clients improve their longevity and health. This service ranges from an area of interest, to a full body scan including 28 images.

Jenny joins our Collective once a month and appointments can be made through her website at:



Breast Scan $175 – $300
ROI $250
Half Body Scan $375
Full Body Scan $475